About Climate Revolutions by Bike

Formed by a group of concerned citizens and cycling enthusiasts in Eugene, Oregon, in March 2019, Climate Revolutions is a grassroots advocacy campaign.

We believe that we need to increase the number of everyday cyclists radically, in order to reach Eugene’s climate action goals, and help to cut carbon levels quickly and deeply.

We have a revolutionary vision of more bikes than cars on the streets - every day! We need everyone’s help to reach that vision-- youths, families, older adults-- all of us!

We advocate for a safer biking environment. We believe that increased access to micro-mobility transportation modes - especially bicycles - can significantly improve social and economic equity. We hope that seeing massive numbers of cyclists on the streets will motivate our city planners and citizens to make faster changes.

Be part of the solution: Use your private car less and your bike more, to help reduce CO2 emissions, air pollution, gridlock, and danger for pedestrians and children!

Join the shift to a biking culture and be part of the Climate Revolutions Movement! 

Get Involved if you love cycling!

Sponsors, affiliates, and supporters:

LCC Climate Action Team