Get Involved!

Quarterly Ride

  • Participate in quarterly bike rides (and bring a friend or two or three or more with you!)

  • We have posters for the ride- if you know good public locations for them, please contact us ( and we'll get you some.

Bike Advocacy

  • Attend other monthly meetings, for planning or advocacy.

  • Offer to ride with a friend who is nervous or out-of practice

  • Attend city planning meetings and public forums and speak from your heart about the importance of safe bike infrastructure


  • Post about the campaign on social media

  • Join the Facebook Group and Follow us on Instagram

  • Make videos of the Ride, or other cool bike actions you see around town and post to Instagram: climaterevolutionbybike

  • Flyers! There are small flyers for taping onto bikes. Check out the Resources page for PR files. Please contact us ( if you want some.

  • The more people involved in a demonstration the better the chances for success. And after 3.5% of the population is involved, it's almost assured to be successful. For Eugene, that's about 5600 people. (reference: the-magic-number-behind-protests)

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